Looking to all Points on the Compass for Global Citizenship

North for Nature

From the north we learn from nature - engaging in outdoor, hands-on discovery. Engaging students in dynamic outdoor learning environments develops a critical connection to Nature. 

Through active, hands-on discovery with habitats and ecosystems, students gain first-hand experience of causal relationships. This creates a solid foundation to tackle more complex systemic challenges as they enter higher levels of education. Research also shows that children who spend more time outside are more physically active, more aware of healthy living choices, more creative, and more cooperative in team environments. 

South for Sustainability

The south teaches us the importance of sustainability - where we hold a vision for the distant future and begin to understand the complex interrelationships inherent in the web-of-life. 

Sustainability education equips students with the knowledge and ways of thinking needed to achieve resilience and responsible global citizenship. When children observe the natural cycle of life their self-awareness is broadened, which leads to increased social and cultural awareness. Their problem solving skills are regularly challenged and developed as they are exposed to diverse systems and learn to balance and share resources equitably. 

East for Exploration

The east encourages exploration - by using all our senses we indulge our curiosity and experience the world around us. 

Outdoor learning environments invite exploration from the ground up as children indulge their curiosity moving from one discovery to another. Utilizing all their senses, students work together to explore, investigate, and problem solve in their own backyard. They also learn strategic risk taking by regularly being challenged to try new things and observing the participation of their peers. Experiential learning encompasses exploration of real places, relevant issues, and meaningful tasks. As children make authentic discoveries, excitement for the learning process soars. 

West for Wonder

On the horizon in the west we reflect on wonder - a place where we let our imaginations fly and unleash inspiration & passion. 

Incorporating fun and play into education places value on inquisitiveness and is inspiring to both the student and the teacher. When children are given the opportunity to indulge their innate sense of Wonder, the awe and beauty of the outer world unleashes the rich landscape of their inner world - their imagination. Wonder-filled childhood experiences are an important precursor to kids becoming lifelong active learners, creative problem solvers, and compassionate leaders in their adult lives. 


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