Tillman Elementary
Project Ignite

Transforming Tillman Elementary's outdoor space into an engaging learning environment

About the Project

Phase 1

It all began with a simple idea–to bring education beyond the walls of our school.

Phase 2

By the 2017-18 academic year, we began to see our years of planning take shape!

Phase 3

The IGNITE project doesn't end here, our students have plans, BIG plans!


No upcoming events.

Inspiration in All Points of the Compass

From the North we learn from Nature–engaging in dynamic outdoor learning in a hands-on environment.

The South teaches us the importance of Sustainability–where we hold a vision for the distant future and begin to understand complex relationships.

The East encourages Exploration–by using all our senses we indulge our curiosity and experience the world around us.

On the horizon in the West, we reflect on Wonder–a place where we let our imaginations fly and unleash inspiration & passion.


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